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Born in February 2006 in Mexico City, the Territorios Vivos Mexico A.C. Society has been legally constitued by a group of profesionists impulsed by the interest to conform a society that impacts -within a sustainable development framework- in subjects related with the natural environment management, the traditional use of resources, the equity in the genders and the wellfare of the infant population as pivotal point of the human development. Territorios Vivos is composed by a platform of non profit work organization, with a choerent multidisciplinary collaboration which is compromised with its objectives.


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To propose and promote strategies of humand development through the use of fair, equitable, participative and sustainable models compatibles with the conservation of culture and ecologic diversity.


Become a socially useful organization which provides solutions and help to fortify the capacities of the vulnerable groups in decision making related with the use and conservation of their natural environments from an integral and inclusive perspective.

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